should Our Organisation Communicate with Our Supporters?


Communicating with your supporters is vital to keeping them motivated and invested in your cause. To get you started, Blackbaud Heroix has created some downloadable email templates to get you started. Just visit our resources website.

We also suggest that you consider segmenting your supporters so you can deliver targeted communications.

  • Find out who might be completing a challenge, such as a run or a ride, in support of your organisation. Let them know how impressed your organisation is that they are taking on such a challenge and send them branded merchandise (such as a shirt or a hat) to wear when they complete their challenge.
  • If you have board members or corporate partners who supporter you, create a VIP Club for these supporters. They may get special merchandise, or a mention in your newsletter.
  • You may also have supporters who will support your organisation on an ongoing basis. Provide these "Frequent Fundraisers" with recognition. Send them a personalised Thank You email or even give them a call to let them know that their efforts have made a difference.

Most importantly, try and contact each and every supporter so they know that your organisation has taken note of them and thank them for their efforts at the end of their fundraising.

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